Physical Energy Improvement and Coaching

I activate your self-healing powers so that there is more space for confidence in your life as well as self-awareness, strength, courage, serenity, creativity, joy, ease, love of life and love.

Through my clairvoyant abilities and my psychological sensitivity, I recognize connections that have led to blockages. With these abilities, I can quickly get to the heart of the problems and the resulting blockages. This can be done in a consultation or, in the case of deeper blockages and suffering, also in the form of energy work. I am working with the bright energy of the unicorns.

A treatment lasts about 1 - 2 hours and is suitable for everyone - from infants to old age.

For families with children who need my help, I adapt to your needs. The treatments are done with respect to the whole situation and at your home.

Individual treatment and coaching: CHF 120 per hour

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