About Me and My Work

I was born in Denmark in 1950 as a healer, 3rd generation. I live in Switzerland for over 30 years now. I work independently since 1996, in Denmark, in Germany and in Switzerland. I regularly attend seminars in the USA, England and Germany to support my personal development.

Portrait Birgit Salin

The core of my work is the treatment of my clients with the energy of the unicorns. Accompanied by other divine beings, such as Archangels and Mother Mary, a session not only treats the symptoms but also the causes of the patient's complaints and sufferings. In this case, those blockages which are of the highest priority for the client, are recognized and described by the unicorns and are subsequently resolved. I am very grateful that I can help others with the bright energy of the unicorns.

The children are very special to me. I have a natural access to them. The kids love me and I love them. I can help toddlers and even larger children. In such cases, I make house visits and adapt to the needs of the family.

In a channeling on January 15, 2017 in Glastonbury UK, I have received the request to give workshops and seminars with the theme "the connection to Mother Earth via the energy of eating." When I teach, I stand as a channel for Mother Earth and give exactly the right information for each participant. The workshops and seminars are therefore very individual. See Glastonbury 2017.
I would be pleased to organize those workshops and seminars also in Switzerland, Germany and Denmark.

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